Rob Astorino

A Steady Leader, for Challenging Times

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"A rare politician who has lived up to his promises." (Journal News, 10/31/17)

Rob Astorino Is Working For You

Rob Astorino served as Westchester County Executive from 2010 to 2017, twice elected by 13-point margins. During his eight years in office, Astorino cut property taxes — or held them flat — every year he was in office, helped create over 44,000 new private sector jobs, and the $1.8 billion budget he inherited was the same one he left the county with when he left office. This fiscal responsibility earned Westchester the highest credit rating in the state. While holding the line on spending, Astorino also managed to preserve essential services and make new investments into childcare, county parks, open space preservation, county roads and infrastructure.

Learn about Rob's Plan to Rebuild Our State


Term Limits for all state legislators and statewide elected officialss.
Tough, new ethics laws.


Reduce taxes.
Rein in excessive spending.
Eliminate job-killing regulations.


Plan to safely reopen schools in September.
Put parents and teachers back in charge of our local schools.

Public Safety

Repeal the dangerous new cashless bail law.
Improve our police — don’t defund or abolish them.


Reduce the nation’s highest property taxes.
To close the state’s massive budget deficit, first look to cut spending — not raise taxes.


Twice endorsed by the League of Conservation Voters.
Continue to seek healthy and balanced solutions to protect and strengthen our natural resources and environment.

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Rob's Latest News

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