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Astorino Cements Status as Reformer; Continues Fight for Term Limits

During his campaign for governor, County Executive Astorino became known around the state as the chief proponent of term limits for elected officials. Mr. Astorino frequently criticized New York’s status as the most corrupt state in the nation and proposed a 10-point ethics plan, which included 8-year term limits for state officials and a law that would strip politicians of their public pension if convicted of a felony.

These reforms were lauded by good government groups as a serious step toward cracking down on corruption. County Executive Astorino did more than just advocate for term limits. During his first term, he worked in a bipartisan manner with the Board of Legislators to enact term limits on Westchester officials, including himself. Mr. Astorino will continue holding elected officials accountable through his creation and continued involvement with the Reform Party.