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Astorino Announces Sixth Straight Year of No Property Tax Increase

In the 2015 budget, County Executive Astorino announced his sixth straight year of freezing or cutting property taxes. Prior to his election as county executive, property taxes consistently went up double digits each year. Rob came into office with a pledge to stop the tax madness, and that’s exactly what he did.

Homeowners and businesses have responded–more than 30,000 private sector jobs have been created under his leadership. Unfortunately, the single biggest driver of property taxes remains the state’s mandated costs, which eat up 85 cents of every dollar of the tax levy. County Executive Astorino has taken this fight to Albany where he has proposed comprehensive reforms that would lower property taxes in a real way for New York’s families and give local governments more control over spending.

He said, “Property taxes are driving families and businesses to leave this state. This problem can’t be fixed with gimmicks, it will take real reform and that means making some tough choices about what taxpayers can afford.” Mr. Astorino vowed to continue fighting for these reforms on behalf of Westchester residents.