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Meet Rob

Rob Astorino – Westchester County Executive

Rob Astorino is a husband and father to three school age children. His wife, Sheila, is a special education teacher. Rob is an ardent political reformer, serving his second, four-year term as Westchester County Executive. He is a life-long Westchester resident who was prompted to run for office by the very real needs of his neighbors. Chief among them is the strain that cripplingly high property taxes puts on household budgets.

Rob has frozen or reduced the county tax levy every year he has served as county executive. The county budget today is substantially smaller than the one he inherited when he came into office in 2010. At the same, time spending on social services has increased for those most in need through smarter delivery.

Rob believes there is a place for government, but it must be finely tuned and efficiently implemented. The first thing Rob did when he was elected county executive was reduce the size of his own budget and require that he and his staff begin contributing to health care costs. By setting an example, himself, he was able to convince seven of Westchester’s eight public employee unions to do the same, saving taxpayers tens of millions of dollars moving forward.

Rob ran for governor of New York in 2014 on a simple platform. As a state, he asked, are we winning or are we losing compared with other states? The data is sadly clear: New York ranks dead last in America in economic outlook because of our nation-leading high taxes and our punitive regulatory environment. Rob believes that New York is in dire need of tax, spending, and ethics reforms, including term limits for state officials. (Rob approved term limits for himself and all Westchester County legislators in 2010.)

Rob is especially proud of the bi-partisan coalition he has built in Westchester to get things done. Elected leaders are expected to accomplish things, not fight. Rob could not have gotten his reforms through in Westchester without the help of willing Democrats in the County Legislature to whom he is enormously grateful.


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