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Dollar for Dollar? Not in New York

Dollar for Dollar? Not in New York

Posted on July 10th, 2015

When I jokingly announced my campaign for governor from Huntsville, Alabama, some people laughed and some people scratched their heads. But the truth is, I was making an important point about how badly New York State is losing compared to other states. Our jobs and residents continue to flee the state for better opportunities elsewhere. And yet another year of session has gone by without any fixes to the core problems of what’s driving the exodus.

Take this for the latest example. The federal government just released data comparing price differences among states. Essentially, how far does your money get you? I’m sure it’s not a surprise to anyone reading this that New York is ranked at the bottom of the barrel. Dead last among states. (incidentally, Alabama was ranked #4)

We all feel it when we go to the grocery store, fill up at the pump or maybe take on a home-improvement project. Standing on line at the register, Sheila and I often make bets about how high the total is going to be. She usually wins, but the reality is we both lose.

I know what you’re also thinking: this is New York–of course it’s more expensive. It’s just how it is. While there are many factors that drive costs, government policy decisions have a direct impact on how expensive it is to run a business. The business then passes on those costs to the customer. High taxes and overregulation are the main culprits when it comes to cost drivers.

What does it mean to you? Well, if you’re putting your household budget together and you have $100 to spend on goods and services, how far will that $100 get you? In South Dakota, it will get you $144.16. Alabama, $114.03. In New York? Just $86.73.

It adds up–or down–however you look at it. We don’t have to live this way. New York can actually be a place where your hundred bucks actually equals a hundred bucks. Or better yet, even more! It will take bold reforms though, and sadly we have yet to see any.

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