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Cuomo’s Policies Sucking the Energy Out of Upstate New York

Cuomo’s Policies Sucking the Energy Out of Upstate New York

Posted on November 3rd, 2015

The smattering of newspaper headlines coming out of Upstate New York over the last 24 hours paints a dire picture of the economic reality its residents have been living with for far too long.

The announcements that Entergy will close the FitzPatrick nuclear plant, Alcoa is shutting down smelters in Messina and Kraft foods is conducting an ominous economic review of its three New York plans puts more than 2,000 jobs on the line.

2,000 jobs in 24 hours. 2,000 families are wondering how they will pay the mortgage and put food on the table.

And their worries are justified. New York’s economy is at a standstill–there aren’t other jobs for those workers to fill.

When will Governor Cuomo wake up? I’ve said it a thousand times and I’ll say it a thousand times more: New York is losing to every other state in America. We are the least competitive place in our vast, beautiful country to do business, so how can we be surprised when businesses both large and small close up shop? And while Upstate is bearing the brunt of the economic misfortune, we’re seeing closures happen in every corner of the state from Novartis in Rockland to Entenmann’s on Long Island.

The result? New York has lost the most residents of any state. When our jobs and our people leave, our tax base goes with them.

Our state is in trouble–and no amount of casinos or the Governor’s crony capitalism that picks winners and losers will fix the fundamental problems that are holding us back: the highest taxes, worst business climate, most corruption and highest energy costs.

Energy has the potential to revive the Upstate economy. Natural gas exploration would create tens of thousands of jobs and lower energy prices would be a welcome sign for manufacturing to return to New York.

New York is only as good as its people and we can’t afford to lose any more of them. We are on a path of becoming a shell of ourselves–the Empire State becoming a distant memory.

My message to our state’s political leaders: the solution may not be easy, but it is simple. Cut taxes and reform the burdensome regulatory climate.

New York will flourish once again.