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30,000 New Private Sector Jobs Have Been Created in Westchester

New York State is too expensive, not just for families, but for businesses, too. If we don’t do something about it, New York will continue its steady decline, both as an economic power and as a destination state where families come to live and educate their children. In 2014, New York was ranked as the state with the greatest population outflow in the country.

In Westchester County, Rob Astorino has painstakingly reduced county spending and taxing at the very same time when state mandates are driving up costs. Eighty-five cents of every tax dollar raised by Westchester today is spent on state mandates, with that percentage increasing virtually every year. Rob, nonetheless, is doing his part in keeping costs and taxes as low as possible — at least at the county level — in an effort to attract good jobs and expand the tax base.

His efforts have paid off. More than 30,000 new private sector jobs have been created in Westchester since Rob entered office in 2010. Westchester County has one of the smartest work forces in the nation — second in college degrees only to Washington, DC — and businesses will continue to come here if we can make Westchester a more affordable place to live and do business.


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