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Rob Astorino is a husband and father to three school age children. His wife, Sheila, is a special education teacher. Rob is an ardent political reformer, serving his second, four-year term as Westchester County Executive. He is a life-long Westchester resident who was prompted to run for office by the very real needs of his neighbors. Chief among them is the strain that cripplingly high property taxes puts on household budgets.
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Cutting Taxes & Waste

County Executive Astorino has reduced the size of government more than any other county...
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Create Jobs

New York State is too expensive, not just for families, but for businesses, too. If we...
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Bi-partisan Governing

Rob Astorino understands that, at the end of the day, we are all in this together. He is...
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Ethics Reform

New York government is ranked as the most corrupt in America. It is a disgraceful...
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Sixth Straight Year of No Property Tax Increase

In the 2015 budget, County Executive Astorino announced his sixth straight year of freezing or cutting property taxes. Prior to his election as county executive, property taxes consistently went up double digits each year.

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Astorino Continues Fight for Term Limits

During his campaign for governor, County Executive Astorino became known around the state as the chief proponent of term limits for elected officials. Mr. Astorino frequently criticized New York’s status as the most corrupt state in the nation...

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2015 Best Date in Westchester Contest

Calling on all Westchester teens! The non-profit organization Program Reach, with the support of County Executive Astorino, is challenging Westchester’s youth to participate in the 2015 Best Date in Westchester Contest.

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